Onboard a new Member


Adding a new Member to Hamlet is quick and easy. Follow these simple steps to add a new member to Hamlet and get their profile set up and ready for billing.
This process will:
  • Create the new member's company profile
  • Set up the billing contacts profile
  • Add their first charges and charge them to payment details (if present)
  • Set up their ongoing monthly billing items (debited automatically monthly)
  • Sync the contact and create an invoice in XERO

Adding new member data

There are two ways to add a new member. Choose which method suits you best depending on existing or new data.

  1. Convert from a lead - If their information is already input as a lead, convert the member from a lead using the "Onboard" button in the header of the lead message area.
  2. Add a new member directly using the 'add member' button in the header of the dashboard.

Step 1: Member details

Complete all of the details in this step accurately paying attention to the correct Location, Billing name, and main contact details.  Once you're happy, click continue.

Step 2: Membership

Here you will set up their membership arrangement. 

  1. Select the relevant Membership Type (Local, Virtual or Casual)
  2. Choose the relevant membership level that applies to the member.
    (Note Membership levels are what automatically apply any discounts or credits to the account, Membership levels can be viewed in your settings area.)

Select the Arrangement relevant to how you want to set up the member's first charge.
(Note Arrangements determine how the customer will be billed for this initial set of items, so take care to select what is agreed. See more details on Arrangements.)

  • Starting this month - This will assume immediately or start within the current month. Note that this will apply any automatic proration to items in the next step reflective of the start date (this can be manually switched off).
  • Free until the end of this month - This will allow you to sign up as a member and allow a start date in the current month, but charges will be added relevant to starting from the 1st of the following month.
  • Starting in a future month - This will allow you to select any date ahead of the current month for the member to start. (Note that in most cases, this should be the 1st of a month if selecting any other date, be aware of the dates that are stated in the description when adding items and prorate accordingly.)

The start date should be then selected as relevant to what has been agreed with the member and noting the arrangement above.

  1. Finally, choose the Start Date to ensure that this corresponds with the Arrangement option that has been selected. 

Step 3: Billing

  • First you need to select Add Item at the bottom of the page 
  • Next a screen will pop up, choose the Item Type, in this example our member is wanting a co-working desk. 
  • Next choose the option that your member would like to take up in the drop down menu, ensure that you change the Charge Type drop down menu and Qty to the correct information. 
  • Next under the Description Box is an option to Prorate note that if the member is starting anytime after the 1st of the month the system will automatically prorate their invoice. If you need to apply a discount this is also the time to do this. 
  • Finally ensure that all your information is correct. Once finished press Add, if you want to add another charge in you can select Save + Add Another. 
  • NOTE: If you change the pricing after you have written the description this will delete the description, highlight and copy your description and then paste back in once you have updated the pricing. 

Step 4: Payment

  • Credit Card - you can charge instantly for the item 
  • Direct Debit - you can process the charge, and the payment will be debited automatically within 1-3 days 
  • Member To Complete - this logs that the member is to add payment details themselves via the Customer Portal 
  • Bank Transfer - generates an invoice, then to be sent for manual payment

Step 5: Confirmation

6. You will see in the Billing Tab that anything that is monthly based (e.g. Office, Desks, etc.) will be already in the description area and will be automatically debited at the beginning of the next month. 

7. Finally, if you would like to send a portal invite, select Team in the options at the top of the screen. Next, select the box on the left side of the member's name. Once you have selected this, the box at the top Send Portal will become available. Select this box, and this will send the invite to the member/s.

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