Step 10 - Informing Members

When introducing a new system to members of your spaces, it's important to tell them in advance to be expecting some changes and new communications from Hamlet.

We've outlined a suggested series of communications to help inform your members of the upcoming changes and improvements to your operations when introducing Hamlet to your space.

EMAIL 1 - Inform of a change.

Purpose: Inform of the upcoming System Change

Sent to: All current active members.

Sent Via: A familiar channel - eg your space's main email account.

Date: Around 10 Days before the go-live date.

Subject: We’re investing in tech to improve your experience.

Hi {firstname},

We’re always looking for ways to improve our members' experience and help serve the needs of our growing community.

We’ve recently set up a new system (Hamlet) which will help streamline our operations and improve our members' experience within all of our locations.

You will all soon get access to our new portal that will allow you to:

  • Book any room across any of our locations with Live availability for all meeting rooms
  • Reserve coworking desks
  • Purchase services and products
  • Send support messages to our Staff
  • View upcoming charges & Download tax invoice receipts
  • Receive community updates on events and key building issues.

This portal will be continually updated to include features that help us serve you better. 

Update to your monthly billing

With this update, billing will be simpler, with the option to pay automatically via Credit Card (for the points lovers) and Direct Debit.

Each month, on the 1st your chosen payment details will be charged for:

1. Your monthly rental items in advance such as your office or desk for the upcoming month. 

2. Any requested services or products in arrears for the month just passed.

For account holders, you will receive an invoice receipt, emailed on the 1st of each month. You can also view upcoming charges anytime by logging in to the new customer portal.

Confirming your payment detail

You will soon receive an email from us which will contain your login information for the Portal. Once you’ve logged in, you may be prompted to input your payment information, please action this so as not to miss your membership payments.

Your payment details will be stored to the highest of security standards with our payment gateway provider (Stripe/Payrix/Square).

Apologies for any inconvenience and we thank you for your support on this.

For any questions, please speak with your office manager or call ...

EMAIL 2 - Portal invitation.

Purpose: Invitation and log in details for all members for the Customer Portal

Sent to: All current active members (+ ongoing for future onboarded members)

Sent via: Hamlet

Date: Around 3-5 days prior the go-live date.

Subject: Hi (firstname), welcome to the [Locaiton name] portal!


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