Inviting your members in bulk

If you’re here, it looks like you’ve just set up Hamlet (woo! 🙌) and are ready to invite your Members to the customer portal. We recommend an informative email to be sent prior to inviting the members to the portal, so they are well informed of the upcoming changes prior to being asked to log in. 

This email should come directly from your staff, so it allows them to develop a sense of trust in the new system. Here are some suggested comms you can send to your members to onboard them to the customer portal.

Informative email  1 

Purpose: Inform of the upcoming system Change 

Sent to: All current active members.

Suggested content:

Subject: Improving your experience at (INSERT SPACENAME)

Hi {firstname},

We’re always looking for ways to improve our members' experience and help serve the needs of our growing community.We’ve recently set up a new system ( Hamlet) which will help streamline our operations and improve our members' experience within our space.

The new (INSERT SPACENAME) portal will:

  • Receive community updates on events and key building issues.
  • Book any rooms with live availability on all meeting rooms
  • Reserve coworking desks
  • Purchase services and products
  • Send Support messages to our staff
  • View upcoming charges & Download tax invoice receipts

This portal will be continually updated to include features that help us serve you better. 

A small update to how we’ll bill you.

With this update, billing will be simpler, with the option to pay automatically via Credit Card (for the points lovers) or Direct Debit.
On the 1st of each month, your supplied payment details will be charged for:

  1. Your monthly rental items such as your office or desk for the upcoming month. 
  2. Any requested services or products for the month just past.

For account holders, you may check current upcoming charges via the new portal at any time in the month.
Your tax invoice will also be readily available for download on the 1st via the new customer portal.

Look out for your invitation!

You will soon be invited to a new Customer Portal, so please look out for this email shortly. 

Once received, please use your login information supplied to complete the following steps:

  1. Login to the new customer Portal using the link from the email.
  2. Agree to our standard terms and conditions for payment debit.
  3. Add your Credit Card or Direct Debit payment details ready for charges next month.
  4. Explore the portal to make any room or desk bookings.

For any questions, please speak with your office manager (INSERT NAME)  or call  (INSERT PHONE).



Action email  2

Purpose: Send login details for the new customer portal to your members.

Sent to: All current active members.

The next email to go out will be a templated email from the system. 

Once you're ready, you can let our team know to send out the Portal Invite emails.
Important: Ensure that all members' upcoming billing is correct before inviting them to the portal, so as to avoid questions about missing or incorrect charges.

Here is a preview of what your members will receive:

Subject: Hi (firstname), welcome to the (INSERT SPACENAME) portal!

Post portal invite

Once your members have been invited to the portal, their main steps will be to:

  1. Agree to your standard terms and conditions for payment debit on the first visit.
  2. Add their Credit Card or Direct Debit payment details.

Once they have completed these steps, you will get a notification that payment details are saved and the customer will be ready for billing. 🥳

TIP: As trust develops over the first months, keep encouraging members to use the portal to for all relevant actions, so as to create a self-serve culture in your space and let members take control of day-to-day actions. This will help then to alleviate staff from repetitive operation l work and open up their time for more meaningful work.

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