Fees and charges for payments via CC/DD


Fees and charges associated with the Payment Gateway Payrix are charged for processing transactions securely through their payment gateway. Space providers may choose whether to cover these fees by including them in their pricing, or pass these fees on to their customers per transaction.

DIRECT DEBIT Recurring payments from Bank accounts and Credit cards 

Bank Account** Per transaction: $0.40
Credit/Debit Card Transaction Fee Per Transaction $0.30
Visa/Mastercard* Calculated on transaction value 1.75%
American Express Calculated on transaction value 1.88%
Failed Transaction (Recurring) Per Rejected Transaction


Failed Transaction (Realtime) Per Rejected Transaction


Refund Per Refund


* Additional 1.10% will apply to International Credit Cards Calculated on transaction value

** Additional 0.25% will apply to Bank Account Transactions over $2,000.00. Calculated on transaction value

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