Generate invoice manually

You may have a handful of clients that fall outside the usual billing dates and payment types. For this case, you can have the customer payment details as 'Bank Transfer' and manually generate invoices at any time during the month

Manual billing steps

  1. Ensure that all billing items are input, correct and relevant to the due date displayed.
  2. In the Members profile, navigate to the billing tab, and click Actions > Generate invoice
  3. This will 
    1. push the listed items to create an invoice on XERO, which will appear in the ‘invoices’ tab.
    2. Regenerate (add) the monthly items for the following month.
    3. Update the billing due date to the next billing due date
  4. To send the invoice to the customer, from XERO select the relevant invoice and click the ‘send’ function in XERO.
  5. Await payment and reconcile.

You can repeat this monthly, so it's a good idea to set up a calendar reminder in your calender on the same date monthly for this process.

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