Member Cancellation

Canceling a membership when a company is leaving or ending its full-time membership is simple to follow using the ' Cancel membership ' action in the profile header.
  • Navigate to the Member's main account profile.
  • Click on the account of the person and locate the  Actions button on the top right of the box
  • Click on Cancel Membership

  •  Populate the end date and reason for cancellation.

  • Confirm the cancellation by clicking ‘Cancel Membership.’ This action will:

    a. Save the reason for cancellation to their account notes.

    b. Monthly items such as offices and desks will be removed from the monthly charges area, as these are prepaid already and are not to be billed for the fulling month when terminating.

    c. Variable items, such as one-off services, etc., will remain as these are not prepaid items and will be due to be billed on the upcoming billing date.

The Member's account will now be canceled on the date according to your selection.

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