Mid-month / New Member Onboarding

  1. Convert the member from a lead using the ‘onboard’ button or the ‘add member’ button in the header.
  2. On the ‘Membership’ step, complete the details, and in ‘arrangement’ select ‘starting this month’, then select the start date for the member.

  3. On the Billing step, add the items you wish to bill the member for. 

Note: That monthly item will be automatically prorated from their start date to the end of the current month. 

Add the deposit item if necessary also.

  1. Continue to the Payment step and select the option of payment:
  1. Credit Card - you can charge instantly for the items.
  2. Direct Debit - you can process the charge, and the payment will be debited automatically within 1-3 days.
  3. Member to complete - Review member to complete steps here.
  1. Bank Transfer - generate an invoice, then to be sent for manual payment.
  1. The account is now set up, and in the customers billing tab > monthly area, monthly charges have been automatically generated, and their next due date set.

6. Follow the onboarding steps to invite the customer to the portal, add team members and fill in any further details on their account.

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