Adding discounts Mid-month

  • Discounts work by attaching themselves directly to the item in billing.
  • Discounts will remain attached to an item until charged in the current billing cycle, or if the date is after the billing cycle, it will attach to the item for next month.
  • If required to end a discount mid-month, you will need to add two separate pro-rated charges.

For example, I joined on the 15th of June and received a 30% discount for one month.

Onboarding billing:

  1. Add the item 
    1. + prorate from the join date until the discount period's end. 
    2. + add discount till the end of the discount period.
  2. Add deposit.
  3. Charge.

This will charge the customer for one month at a discounted rate.

Monthly invoice adjustment (on the next invoice for the customer)

  1. Edit the item generated for the next charge date
    1. + prorate from the end of the discount period till the end of the month 
    2. + ensure any discount is removed.
  2. This will be then correct to be billed at the next charge date
Note: This will charge the customer for the remainder of the month at the full rate.
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