Invoice Generation

A XERO invoice is generated automatically when onboarding. It will depend on the payment type, and details entered as to when this invoice is settled.

You cannot use the generate invoice feature without payment details present.

  • If CC present > generate invoice will create a XERO invoice + leave items in charge now > still to be processed in Hamlet.
  • If DD is present > you can only charge the customer in this case + it will remove from the charge now, and payment details will automatically be debited within 1-3 days and reconciled in XERO.
  • If Bank Transfer > generate invoice will create a XERO invoice + remove from charge now  > invoice to be settled outside of Hamlet and reconciled in XERO.

To send an invoice to a customer:

  1. In the customer's profile, navigate to the ‘invoices tab.
  2. Click the respective invoice, then click the ‘download’ button. This will open the XERO invoice in a new tab.
  3. Choose either to:
    1. Copy the link and send it to the customer via email/text
    2. Download the PDF and send it via email

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