Members completing payment details

If you have selected ‘Member to complete’ in the payment area when onboarding, the next step is to send the member a welcome email containing the information to log into the customer portal to complete their payment details.

Step 1:  Send a welcome email

  1. In the member's company profile, navigate to ‘team
  2. Here you can select the checkbox next to the Billing contact and click the ‘send welcome email button.’ This will send the selected customer an email with login information for the customer portal


Step 2: Member login and payment details completion

The member can click through and log in to the portal using the details within the welcome email.

They will notice a prompt to enter their payment details:

The member clicks 'add' and fills out the details within their profile.

Step 3: Charging the initial due payment.

  1. Any Due outstanding charges will be present on the dashboard in the ‘Charges’ list for easy visibility. 
  2. Once payment details have been added, the selected payment method will show under ‘Pay by’

  1. Staff can then click through to the member's company profile and use the Actions button to select ‘Process now.

  1. Process Now will charge any items added during onboarding to the newly entered payment details. Upon successful payment and according to the chosen method of payment, charges will be accounted for as follows:
    1. If the details are Credit Card, charges are automatically communicated to XERO and the invoice will show as Paid in the company profile billing section. 
    2. If the details are Bank Debit, payment will take 1-3 days to go through. Reconciliation will then be required in XERO from the accounts team to check the status of payments. Invoices that are reconciled in XERO will reflect the paid status back to Hamlet and clear them from the debtors list. Customers can always view or download their invoice within the customer portal.
  2. Monthly items will automatically be generated in the customers Billing>monthly area. These items will be due on the next billing date which is automatically set.
  3. To complete onboarding, follow operational steps to add any further detail within the Hamlet team member profiles such as security card details, locker allocation etc. 

Adding team members

Team members can be added in any company profile under the ‘Team’ tab. There are 3 types of team members. When onboarding a company, a team member representing the company and ensuring payments are settled will be created as the  Billing contact and they have access to all portal features.

Team member A - an additional team member who can book rooms and desks.

Team member B - an additional team member who can book desks only.

To add further team members:

  1. Go to the ‘team’ tab of a company's profile.
  2. Click ‘add new’ and complete the details.
  3. If there is more than 1 team member to add, click the ‘add another’ button in the modal pop up and complete the details.
  4. All team members will be created as ‘Team member A’ type as default.
  5. Send welcome emails to the respective new team members.

You can click onto any individual team member profile to see all available data fields and details that can be stored.

Upgrade/downgrade and send through tomorrow. Once a member is marked as Terminating/Cancelling, do we need to do anything to the Billing or does this cease automatically on the specified cancellation date?

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