Adding a product / service

Adding a product / Service

  • Navigate to the Inventory > products and services area.
  • Click the ' add' button.
  • Fill out the details and settings and hit save.

Key terminology


  • Name: The name to identify the item in inventory and on billing. 

  • Category: The category the item belongs to. 

  • Description: Additional text you'd like to appear on invoices. 

  • Location Price: The price specific to a location (only needed of a product/service varies per location). 

  • Default price: The price of the item.


  • Charge type: Monthly items will be billed monthly, and One-time items will be charged ad hoc. 

  • Currency: Defaults to AUD but can be changed if locations are outside Australia. 
  • Xero acc code: maps the item to the correct account code in XERO. 
  • Tax Type: Should be set to OUTPUT 
  • Item Type: Shows the type of item and where it belongs to. 
  • Location: Physical and/or billing location of the item. 
  • Item ID: Admin purposes only. 
  • Item photo: A photo as you would like it to display on the customer portal. 
  • Sort: Used for manual ordering of inventory list. 
  • Status: Active for live visible items, inactive for retiring/removing items.
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