Security (Access cards & Keys)

1. Keys & Access cards
  • Keys/Access card numbers must be recorded on the respective team member(s) profile in the Space details section. Keys/Access card(s) given to the new customer and their respective team.
  • An email must be sent manually to security with new member details to create their security profile.
  • Security will then manually create a new access number and send it back to SL. ( request for automation in place)
  • At some locations, an email also must be sent to each team member with instructions to install the HID access app.
2.  Communications
  • Email 1 - (automated) Confirmation of direct debit and terms and conditions is sent to the account holder upon successfully charging initial items.
  • Email 2 - (automated) Welcome email for your space is sent to each new team member on the day they move in. Included will be:
  • Details to login into the Hamlet user portal (coming soon)
  • WIFI login details
  • General space information and contact information
  • All team member's email addresses are automatically added to the mailing list for newsletter updates.

3. Space Resources

  • Printer access setup should be completed on the day of move-in. Store any details associated with printing in the respective team member's profile.

4. Physical interaction

  • Invite personally first to invent
  • Introduce to one other member ( buddy program)
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