Preparing a location for Hamlet Go Live

Getting your location's Customer accounts ready to go live.

Local Members:

Navigate to each customer's profile.

  • Billing

  • Monthly invoicing

QA each Customer's account to check current items due for the 1st of next month.


  1. Expected offices/desk items are present. If missing, please add them.
  2. Check prices are correct for these items.
  3. Check any variables for this billing period have been added. (else add them)
  4. Check any meeting room bookings for this billing period have been added. (else add them)
  5. Add any further new variable items or bookings going forward. Note that you can continue adding variables until the 30/31 of the month.
  6. All Items present will then be charged on the 1st of the upcoming month.

Next, navigate to:

  • Billing

  • Charge now


  1. Some companies here have items that should be in ‘monthly invoicing’ please add these items to the monthly invoicing tab and delete them from this tab.

  2. Continue to add variables for all customers and charge immediately using the charge now button.

If some items are incorrectly priced:

  • First, see if it’s a manual mistake upon entry into Hamlet. If so, it can simply be corrected.

  • Check the item price if it is incorrect, please send through the correct pricing to be updated for your location to Livmore.

  • If it is confusing, or there is a bug in Hamlet - please report it to us by making a note on the account in Hamlet and mentioning @hamlet_support

Then, Navigate to:

  • Notes

  • Recent notes

Archive all notes that no longer apply - Notes should only be present if they are to be actioned or still need follow-up, or archive them. 

For Virtual Members

It will be the same process as above, though these members in the future should only have monthly billed items added to the monthly invoicing tab. All room bookings and one-off variable charges should be added to Charge now and charged on the day of request.

For Casual Members

Generally, they won’t have items in the monthly invoice tab (some exceptions here). All room bookings and one-off variable charges should be added to Charge now and charged on the day of request.


It is expected that all customers are in Hamlet with up-to-date invoicing items. All variables should be up to date for the current billing period.

Moving forward with Hamlet

  • Future variables from now until the end of this month should be added when they are requested. (Items can be added right up until the last day of the month for any future billing period. This resets on the 1st of each month.)

  • Virtual and Casual members can be charged instantly for variables and room bookings directly via Hamlet, and an invoice will be automatically generated.

  • All New Customers should be added directly to Hamlet and charged from Hamlet.

  • Do not use Tilt moving forward from today.

  • From the 1st of next month, Hamlet will be the only source of customer data. Only the Sales Invoicing Spreadsheet is required for 1 more month - after which it will be retired.

  • Hamlet should be used for charging all customers, but if charging in Hamlet doesn’t work at any time, use EFTPOS as a backup.
  • For any questions, notes, or bugs, feel free to alert us via Hamlet notes or Slack  @hamlet_support

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