Location setup

Configuring key location details.

Adding a location

Location settings can be found in the Settings>Location section. You can add a location with the 'add' button located in this section. Browse through the tabs filling out all relevant fields. Some fields are related to other parts of the system, as explained below.


These are the key details of your location, including your name, where it's located, and main contact details. Complete all relevant details for each location you are setting up. Some of these details will appear in both Staff and Customer facing areas, so ensure they are entered with care.


These are more specific details related to your space.

  • Wi-Fi ID and password will display on the customer portal for quick reference to logged-in members.
  • Printer instructions, service list, and map are intended to be links to a web page or hosted file that will also display on the customer portal as reference points for members.


Related to main billing details for the location.

  • Invoice REF is the short 2-3 letter reference to your location that appears in certain tables.

  • Sender Email is the email invoices will come from for your customers

  • Sender Name is the name you would like your default/billing emails to be sent as.


A section to save related to leasing details for the location. (not essential, reference only) Reminders: You can set up reminders here for key dates related to your leasing agreement so that you get a notification on key dates.


An area to store any location-related files you would like to keep as a reference.

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