Sending invoices to review prior to billing date

Interim solution for sending invoices to customers.

Sending invoices to customers for review from XERO

  • In Hamlet, there is the ability to send an invoice 'Snapshot' from Hamlet before the billing date.

  • You can access this via the 'send preview' button in the customer profile billing area. This button will send a snapshot of the current items in their billing area, detailing when they will be debited from their saved payment method. You can send this anytime during the month as often as possible.

  • Invoices are then usually created in XERO from Hamlet around the end of each month. From this time, accounts send invoices (in batch) to all customers directly from XERO.

  • This would then also show as a listed invoice in the customer account invoice tab with a link to download the tax invoice from XERO.

  • From the 1st of the new month, all billing is cleared from the customer's account, and any recurring monthly items will be re-added to the customer's account.

  • Any issues with the prior invoice would need to be discussed with accounts.


What happens with amended invoices after they've been created in XERO?
  •    Any amends in Hamlet is reflected in XERO from whenever the invoices are created.

How do I know when an invoice has been amended?

  •   All data is visible in Hamlet, and you can also access the link to the XERO invoice. For any discrepancies, contact your accounts team.

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