Step 1 - Location

With your data prepared, you’re now ready to set up Hamlet! Follow these steps to set up your locations, inventory members and more.

Setting up your Locations

Setting up a location only takes around 2 minutes and can be done in settings/locations

  1. General settings
    1. Adding your spaces name, logo and email header images is simple in this area.
    2. GST settings. One important factor is deciding to choose to have your pricing in Hamlet set as GST Inclusive or GST Exclusive.
      • GST inclusive benefits are that it is simpler in that you have a single price to quote for all items that’s an all inclusive price, and your members portal always shows a GST inclusive price (which covers compliance in regards to displaying pricing to publicly purchasable items). GST will be automatically calculated from the pricing you input.

      • GST exclusive benefits are that your business may already be used to pricing everything exclusively, so you can continue in this way and GST will be automatically calculated

  2. Adding your location data
    1. Some fields will be mirrored on the Members portal such as email/phone contact details, service list links and map links, Wifi details etc This is displayed in areas to help members find info about your space.
    2. Some fields will feed variables that can be used in your messaging templates, so just ensure all fields are correct.
    3. Ensure your timezone is in the format of the nearest city (e.g. Australia/Brisbane).

  3. Adding staff members:
    1. Add their personal data such as name, contact information and email.
    2. In settings, select the primary location they will manage, as well as their Permission
      1. Manager + Staff: Access all Menu and data in Hamlet
      2. Staff: Access all key areas, but limited access to billing features.
    3. Add a password for each member and email them directly to login to their account and set their own password.
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