Step 2 - Office Inventory

Office inventory

Firstly, to feed automatic pricing calculations, choose whether you will be calculating pricing for your office per sqm or by the number of desks in each office. There are positives and negatives to both methods, so essentially it’s operational preference.

Adding Room types

Room types allow you to define 1 or more types of rooms you have in your office inventory. For instance you may have a set of ‘Standard’ rooms with no windows and a set of ‘Premium’ rooms that include windows. You can set these as separate room types with their respective pricing per sqm or per desk. Room types will then be assigned per office, so as to correctly calculate your target pricing.

Adding Floors

Floors, or levels, are to represent the location of your offices. Create 1 or more floors to assign to your respective office inventory.

Adding your Offices

Office inventory is simple to set up in the inventory section. There is also an ‘add multiple’ feature to help speed up creation of your inventory.

Select a location, and add your first office in a location by clicking the ‘add’ button and complete all of the fields, being sure to complete:

  1. Ensure to name correctly starting at Office 01 
  2. Ensure the correct room type is selected to allow automatic calculation on target price.
  3. Add the correct sqm and number of desks to feed the calculation
  4. Ensure the account code for XERO exists in XERO
  5. Before saving, click the ‘add multiple’ and input the number of offices in your current selected location - then hit save.

This will create your set of offices numbered up to the amount you input. You can then just click into each and adjust the sqm and desks and save each one to update to the correct target pricing.

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