Data Preparation

  1. Prepare your data: Gather all your inventory in a spreadsheet (sheet template) for fast and easy input into hamlet, be sure to include:
    1. Offices
    2. Monthly desk items
    3. Passes
    4. Bookable resources
    5. Virtual
    6. Products and Services

  2. Clarify your Membership tiers to work with Hamlet’s controls: See how members and membership levels are defined here - then create a sheet ready for input in Hamlet.

  3. Confirm your payment gateway to be set up: Currently we are integrated with Payrix, and can provide you a link to set up an account with them. This process usually takes around 1-3 days and once complete we’ll just need a key to integrate with this, which we receive from Payrix. Note though very soon we’ll be supporting Stripe and Square - so let us know if you already have accounts set up for this. Email for any questions on this.

  4. XERO: Ensure you have a XERO account set up and Account codes already present for how you want to track your accounts items within XERO. Our team will also need access to your XERO to complete the integration and test everything is being pushed through from Hamlet. Please provide access for when convenient.
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